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Hire a Sunbed in Nuneaton | Find a Sunbed Nuneaton

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Welcome to Hire A Sunbed in Nuneaton the clear easy to use web site for Home Hire Sunbeds in Nuneaton. We deliver Nuneaton Sunbeds for Home Hire throughout all areas of Nuneaton. We hire Single Canopy Sunbeds in Nuneaton, Vertical Sunbeds for Home Hire in Nuneaton. These range from 160watt Vertical Tanning Units right through to our top of the range 250watt VT20 Sunbeds fitted with a door! We have mid range 20 tube 180watt Stand up Sunbeds available to Hire in all areas of Nuneaton as well as our ever popular 200watt Vertical Sunbeds for Home Hire in Nuneaton. If you are looking for Sunbed Rental in Nuneaton then you are guaranteed the best deals by booking DIRECT at Nuneaton Sunbeds, your local Sunbed Rental Company. We invite you to browse our easy to use web site to see our full range of Home Hire Sunbeds in Nuneaton. All of our Sunbeds are on SPECIAL OFFER on our web site and the price you see is the price you pay! No delivery charges - No hidden extras! To Book Now please:-
Telephone :- 024 76 315310

Sunbed Essentials
Solar Gold
250ml Bottle £12.99
Solar Gold (2 Bottles)
Tan Accelerator Cream £22.99
Tanning Blanket
Sunbed Goggles
Sunbed S12 starter
Philips BodyTone £1.99
Tanning Blanket + Goggles
Tanning Blanket + Solar Gold
Tanning Blanket + Goggles
+ Tanning Cream £24.99

Our Range of Home Hire Sunbeds in Nuneaton

Hire_a_single_canopy_sunbed_in_coventry 160w_verical_sunbeds_to_hire_in_coventry hire_a_180w_vertical_sunbed_in_coventry_image
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4 Weeks Hire Only £45!!
Call:- 024 76 315310
or Text *SC OFFER* to 07967 202969
Book now! ***LIMITED OFFER***

4 Weeks Hire Only £75!!
Call:- 024 76 315310
or TEXT *160 OFFER* to 07967 202969
Book now! **LIMITED OFFER**

4 Weeks Hire Only £85!!
Call:- 024 76 315310
or TEXT *180 OFFER* to 07967 202969
Book now! **LIMITED OFFER**
hire_a_200watt_vertical_sunbed_in_coventry_image hire_a_vt20_home_hire_sunbed_in_coventry_image
200watt_vertical_sunbeds_for_hire_in_coventry_image find_home_hire_vt20_home_sunbed_hire_in_coventry_image
4 Weeks Hire Only £95!!
Call:- 024 76 315310
or TEXT *200 OFFER* to 07967 202969
Book now! **LIMITED OFFER**
4 Weeks Hire Only £110!!
Call:- 024 76 315310
or TEXT *VT20 OFFER* to 07967 202969
Book now! **LIMITED OFFER**
Tanning Salon Supplies and Bulk TRADE Sunbed products
Collagen Poster A2 Size   Salon Box of 12 SOLAR GOLD   10 x Sunbed Starters   25 x Starters   100 Starters
collagen_light_therapy_poster   bulk_box_of_solar_gold   10_sunbed_starters_image   25_bodytone_sunbed_starters_image   100xsunbed starters image
£ 12.99   £ 99.00   £ 17.50   £ 42.50   £ 150.00
No Under 18's Sticker   0.3 Compliant Sticker   Solar Gold (Twin Pack)   100 x Pairs Sunbed Goggles   Tanning Blanket
no_under_18's_to_use_this_sunbed_warning_sticker   This_sunbed_is_0.3_compliant_sticker   Solar_gold_twinpack   Box_of_100_pairs_sunbed_goggles   tanning_blanket_image
£ 2.99   £ 2.99   £ 22.99   £ 75.00  

£ 12.99

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